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I was tagged by the marvelous Jenny Of Thank you, Jenny for tagging me! Be sure to check our her blog if you haven’t already!

Your go-to genre or favorite type of book:

I would have to say that my go-to genre or favorite type of book would have to be dystopian, horror, thriller, and suspense. I do on occasion will read something like romance or even comedy.

Retellings you are drawn to:

My favorite retellings would have to be the different styles of Alice And Wonderland or Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Lifestyles or careers of the book characters:

I know this isn’t a question, but it does make a lot of sense to me as to what character’s career you’d base your lifestyle off of and I’ll be pretty blunt with y’all, I don’t have a lifestyle of a character from a book to base my career off of. I know, I sound lame and boring.

Places or settings you are drawn to:

I would definitely have to say either haunted house or theme parks.

Relationships you enjoy reading about:

I really don’t read that many books that have relationships and at the moment, I can’t think clearly (probably not a good time to do this book tag then right?). So, I’m gonna have to quote Jenny’s answer that she created and add on something that may shock everyone.

I love when books have healthy relationships (of any type!). So many books rely on miscommunications or toxic relationships to run their plot and I’ve grown very tired and frustrated from reading so many of these. In particular, books with strong sibling and/or parent dynamics are some of my favorites.

Jamie’s version : I love it when books have multiple characters like the long walk. There’s not one but many characters and they all ban together in such a way that they act like army buddies. The Long Walk isn’t for everyone, but I do love a good unique twist to the stories that I am reading who has strong and healthy relationships whether it is sexual or just strictly friendships like the ones in The Long Walk. Their friendship was completely unexpected but if you’ve read it, you’ll understand why I love that type of relationships.

Buzzwords in the title of the book

I don’t know if I can specifically say that I have looked for any buzzwords or puns or what have you in any of the titles. But if the title sounds catchy, than heck ya I will read it and if I like it, I will recommend it.

Things on book covers that draw you in:

Illustrated covers that look pretty unique and also hard to do if you’re not a 24/7 artist. I also am drawn to the color schemes of the books as I had once taken color theory at the Art Institute and passed it with an high A. I also seemed to be draw cute illustrations as well. The book cover featured below is one of my most absolute favorite illustrated covers and book.

Non-fiction buzzwords or a non-fiction area you are drawn to:

I seriously need to re-start reading non-fiction books more often instead of just fiction books. This Spooky Science Debunking the PseudoScience Of The Afterlife book has taught me many great and interesting things and also facts that I didn’t even know about. The buzzwords or a non-fiction area I’m drawn to would be books like Spooky Science or something similar to the field of Science.

Spooky Science

Medical conditions of characters:

I don’t think I have any favorite medical conditions of characters and not quite understanding this question. However, reading any horror book almost always has a main character that has a medical condition of some kind and I can usually relate to what the main character is going through because of a certain medical condition he or she or they may have. I don’t read ahead of time or try to ruin the surprise as I have learned my lesson in the past I was reading Divergent and I happened to see what happened at the end of Insurgent. I made that mistake but would never ever again. I don’t like seeing the ending of a book I like and know ahead of time what the characters medical conditions may have.

Time of year, or time in history / future that you are drawn to:

I don’t quite understand this question, so I’m just gonna go my friend Jenny once again and use her answer.

I’m actually a huge fan of contemporary novels in this aspect. I don’t tend to like historical fiction novels and though I do read some futuristic plots, I’m only drawn to them if they are about a dystopia. So I would say either contemporary or dystopic/apocalyptic future.

BONUS #1:  Any other bookish boxes or buzzwords not already mentioned:

I’m not quite sure what this means

BONUS #2:  What bookish boxes or buzzwords turn you away from a book?

I would have to say that it would be of rape. I don’t think nor believe I came across any child being sexually molested by someone. But I have known a friend who has come across such a book and she told me she literally threw her ipad down because it was so graphic and in so much detail that it made her sick.

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