Hello, my name is Jamie, and I am a 39 year old apprentice certified web developer and a highly outgoing bibliophile from the golden state of Southern California. When I am not busy with either homework, reading a book in my spare time, or doing something with my blog ex. writing, coding, or designing it, IO cam usually be found having my phone nestling inside my of my hands and on social media to kill time, or simply doing my homework and having some learning moments and last not but least but some alone time with my boyfriend of 9 years Tristan (Tristan’s had a major role as to who got me back into the habit of reading and collecting books. More on that below.).

In the mid to late 80s and 90s I was blessed with a slight hearing problem that most people thought I may have been death. This medical issue was only a temporary setback until an ear specialist found the problem that was making me hard of hearing and corrected it with a simple procedure that after some time had passed, I became known as a late reader that was introduced to one of my favorite childhood authors of all time RL STINE. Despite the fact that I had became a late reader and a friend introduced me to the magical world of Goosebumps and then later I introduced myself to the magical world of FEAR STREET, I would have to say that this was a turning point of my life that I didn’t know would one day land me a gig as a book blogger that has been meeting quite a slew of authors here and there.

Sometime in my high school years of my utterly long academic journey, I’ve made the dumbest decision that one could have ever possibly came up with and went through with. I had gotten so behind with homework and was so stressed from the amount of work and studying I had to to ensure I passed the proficiency tests to let me graduate that I bascially and briefly stopped reading books for some time. It wasn’t until the year 2013 that I had rediscovered my love and passion for reading books had it not been for my boyfriend Tristan coming over to my place with a Daniel Everett Language book that peeked my curiosity. Ever since I had opened that language book this journey of collecting, reading, and being obsessed with books has finally started its path. I’m just gonna mention this real quick, if it hadn’t been for Tristan and his nerdiness ways, I probably would still refusing to read books today and would never be the person that I am today because of him and his book.

Even though I have made this claim that I am a bookaholic that collects books, it isn’t at all true. I am still a bookaholic who does collect books but because of my having ADD and the Internet distracting me almost every minute of every day, I can usually be found reading a few books at a time and would stock pile those books close to me somewhere so I can remember what it was I had read and decide on what book to read if one doesn’t tickle my fancy. Despite the fact that I have deemed myself as a bookaholic with an obsession of collecting books and reading a few here and there, I am also a certified hobbyist web developer that has been blogging and designing her own sites since 1998 (I was just in the 10th grade when I became a self taught blogger and web developer (thanks to a site that I had accidentally found one day lissaexplains.com.). After having blogged about my personal lifestyle for some time, I grew an interest with book blogging as I found it to be more exciting than being a personal lifestyle blogger and made the transition into being a book blogger and haven’t looked back since. By becoming a book blogger, I have done the unthinkable that I never thought was even possible and that’s to meet and get acquianted with quite the number of authors out there from all walks of life and I just am tickled pink that I finally found something I am very passionate about that can help out authors gain some much less and deserved attention and also book sales because of my book reviews that will never include spoilers of any kind.

Authors, if you’d like to make my day and allow me to smile even more, I triple dog dare you to allow me to have the honor of reading and reviewing your book. If for some reason we aren’t connected through Facebook or even Twitter, please check out my reviewing policy page, and after having read through it than simply email me and ask away. Happy reading!