Hello, my name is Jamie. I’ve traveled around the sun some 30 plus times, and each time I’ve taken these trips, I’ve actually forgot to bring my SPF-50 sunblock. At least, the sun was nice enough to not fry my pale as a ghost self on my birthday which is February 1st (if you can guess my correct birth year, you could win a prize. Haha, JK!). Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved receiving and reading new and amazing books, especially after the fact that my really bad hearing problem had a lot of people question if I was deaf or not. But after the highly risky and dangerous, but extremely successful ear surgery that I went through (the ear specialist used some sort of instrument to carefully pick away at the crystalized wax crystals that were covering both of my ear drums, which were the reason why I was hard of hearing for the longest time). I had gotten so much better with hearing, that before the year 1991 had started, I was deemed as a late reader by a teacher of mine after learning that I can read words and not just read what was happening in the images of the book. Needless to say, my teacher was shocked beyond belief that¬† I can actually read and took me to other teachers during recess and had me read for them to tell them that Jamie can read!!!! I might be some 30 plus years of age, but I’ve had my fair share of reading different genres. My always and number one go to was the infamous author R.L. Stine the creator of the Goosebumps books (which were introduced to me after my friends learned I can read and would like to read better books than what I had.) and also the Fear Street series (btw,to this day, R.L.Stine is still one of my favorite and highly respected author.).

Over the years,I’ve actually missed out on quite a number of books as one day in my English 10th grade class, I made the decision to stop reading the books and start watching the movies instead (not a good strategy!). Because of this stupid decision I made back when I was a teenager, I missed out on so many amazing books that I’m currently now making up for lost time. In the year 2013, I actually picked up my very first book after my boyfriend of 8 years and counting named Tristan had bought over his Daniel Everett language book and allowed me to read it. I started reading it, and I thought this is interesting and thus lead me to open a new chapter in my life and one that I’m forever grateful to Tristan for letting me read his language book that was catching my interest at the time. And as that saying goes “The Rest Is History.” Reading new books allows the doors to a new opportunity or adventure that awaits you the moment you open the first page.¬† If it wasn’t for these authors, we wouldn’t have entertainment or have our favorite authors. So, thank an author today if you haven’t already!


Jscribbles.com is Jamie’s personal book blog that houses a variety of different topics that will give her blog a bit of a different book blogging environment and something different that you normally wouldn’t get from your average day to day book blog (no offense to those awesome book blogs!). Jscribbles.com is a personal book blog that is meant to be different which will definitely help Jamie to keep her reading/reviewing books, and her creative passions alive instead of letting that passion or fire burn out.