The Cinema Report

Movie ReviewsThe Cinema Report is a movie review archives page that houses every single movie that I’ve had the pleasure in giving my two cents worth and also providing my rating of what I think the movie itself should actually be rated. I’ve created this movie review archives page as another method for me to link my published movie reviews, however, I didn’t want to title the archives page as simply just “movie reviews” as I find that to be tedious and mundane that I wanted something different. That’s when my friend and fellow book blogger Charli who is the responsible person that came up with “The Cinema Report” after hearing my frustrations and what I was trying to title it but couldn’t think of anything. The Cinema Report is a 100% spin off title from the talk show host Stephen Colbert tv show “The Colbert Report“. As soon as I read “The Cinema Report” I knew that had to be the name of my movie reviews archive page to be 100% different from most movie reviewers. If you’ve read any of my book reviews and also my movie reviews and they look really similar to each other, I have a confession to make. Truth be told, I’ve felt adding a second rating system that was only going to be used for movies instead of having just one and using that for both of my books and movies reviews. That way, it doesn’t confuse any of you lovely visitors out there when you go to read either of these reviews. Anyways,now you know how the name for this archive page came to be and what’s going on, let’s get to reading some of these movie reviews, shall we? Please take note, that while there may be movies listed on here from a variety of different genres, you’ll quickly realize that the most movie genre you’ll see throughout the list is my favorite genre which is horror.