For book review requests, theme design requests, art/cover book requests, giveaways, or any other requests regarding books, this website, and, or any other inquiries and/or concerns/questions please send them my way by either filling out the contact form below this message, or by simply copying and pasting this throw away email address with the appropriate subject line to I shouldn’t have to write this out and should be an unwritten rule, that if I receive any emails that contains either a threat or an attitude of some sort I will tell you now, I don’t take lightly to threats or to attitudes. If I receive any of these two things in a message, you can be rest assured you won’t get a response from me ASAP. Now, if you’ve messaged me and you were genuine and nice regarding something that was bothering you that I might have done or said, I will answer back immediately as I don’t like tension between people or drama. You treat me nice, I treat you nice. Kapesh? Let’s keep this blog friendly.

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