Hey you, yes you. I’ve just wanted to thank you all for stopping by my book blog and also for continuing to come back and read even more of my daily nonsense and crazy hijinks which basically tells me that I’m obviously doing something right to keep you guys coming back for even more! You guys have no idea how much that means to me that my little book blog is actually just interesting enough to have any sort of visitors and I am very humbled and appreciative of everything you’ve done for me and my book blog. If you have any general inquiries about anything in particular, book review requests, book cover design request, or even a collaboration of some sort request, please don’t hesitate to reach out and touch someone (get it? Get IT?!) by using the contact form listed below. Also, all I ask is that you to remain respectful and to please be nice towards me as that will get you what you want faster than ever compared to being angry and even a little on the bullying side which I am a victim of bullying and have been long enough to know when someone is bullying me. If I sense any such tactics from any one of you, I will be forced to take action and either black list you from my book blog, and block you from my email account so you’ll never be able to contact me in the future or visit this book blog in the future. Besides, doesn’t it pay to be nice to someone that you’re asking something from? I don’t take bullying lightly and will only answer to those who are nice and polite towards me. I’ve showed you respect, now it’s your turn to do the same thing.


I don’t normally get inquiries via my book blog as I’m usually asked on social media by authors if I can read and then review their books. I’m not entirely sure if I am 100% open to receive book review requests or if I am still closed due to quite a number of books that I have collected over the last few years and haven’t actually read them yet. Even though I may not be fully open right now, and you’re really wanting me to accept your book review request, than I can always make at least one exception to this. However, I will let it be known that because of having astigmatism and wearing glasses, I choose to read either paper back or hardback instead of reading a digital copy as it just hurts and strains my eyes if I read anything more than paragraph online. If you’re okay with the fact that I have a huge TBR (To be read) pile of books, and are still wanting me to read and then review your book(s), than please fill out the contact form below or hit me up on one of my social media accounts I have linked on the sidebar.


If you’re interested in having my reading your book and than reviewing it on this book blog, and cross posted to Amazon, and Goodreads, than please read through the following to make sure you’re still very much interested in having me read and review your book. I should make mention that depending on the book size and length, it will take me anywhere from a month to a month and half to finish a full length book and a short story will take me about 1-2 maybe even 3 days max to finish and then I will write the review for you and also notify you about the review with a link to your book review. I also should mention again that I DON’T DO EBOOKS and would prefer if you have a paperback or even a hardback available because I have bad astigmatism that prevents me from actually reading anything more than a paragraph online (plus, I will honestly forget that I even have the ebook and won’t touch it. Thanks brain and eyes.). So, before you reach out to touch someone or me (Get it?Get It? Okay, I’ll stop joking, jeez.) please read the following to make sure I’d be a good fit.

  • GENRES READ : Action, Children’s, Dystopian, Fantasy, History (Non-Fiction), Science Fiction, Science, Young Adult, Coming Of Age, Mystery, Science (Non-Fiction), Thriller, and a very select few Romance authors (I don’t normally read Romance, but if I’m given the opportunity I will try to read it.).
  • TIMELINE : While your book(s) are being submitted for review, I will let it be known now that I read on my own time and no one else’s time. I have various reasons as to why I can’t do a certain timeline that you’d want me to be done by and have your book reviewed as well. I will never agree to your proposed timeline as I have learned don’t agree to something if you can’t follow through with it. If this turns you away or off, please don’t contact me. But if you’re okay with this, than please do contact me and we shall see what’s going on. Yes?
  • FORMAT : As I’ve mentioned previously somewhere in this contact page, I have astigmatism that prevents me from being online and actually reading anything more than a paragraph (if I’m lucky, sometimes two paragraphs before I get eye strain and headaches.) so I would really appreciate if you can send either a paperback or a hardback. If you can’t, sorry I’m not the reader and reviewer for you.
  • REVIEW : Every single published book review that’s on this book blog – were written by me and me only and everything you will read in future book reviews are of my own thoughts and not easily influenced by other book bloggers or readers to change my opinion regarding a book review. I am a 100% truthful and honest person who writes honest book reviews on her book blog that she paid for with her own money. These book reviews as stated above will be cross posted to Amazon and also to Goodreads .


If you’re an author or even a book blogger that would be interested in writing a guest post for this book blog, or if you’re interested in doing an interview with me of some sort, please feel free to reach out and touch someone! (Get it? No? Haha, I’ll leave, no wait I can’t!). I’m also an artist and also a certified web developer that can draw, create digital artworks, create book covers, creates her own themes with the exception of the current theme (I’ve just designed it) and if you’re at all interested in doing any kind of collaboration on anything or if you want me to create you something, please don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form below.


And phew, it’s about time we make it to the contact form. Right? I do apologize for any sort of ramblings that went on before reaching this contact form. But, it was all important and necessary information I had to share with you guys. In order to ensure that your inquiry about whatever has been successfully sent to me, please use your first name (you don’t have to put a last name if you’re not comfortable just yet) and a valid email address if you use a throwaway email address how would I know if I can contact you or if it’ll be sent back to me? Please make sure you have these things and once I receive your inquiry of whatever it is you’re contacting me about, I will message you back ASAP . If you can handle all of that and have valid email address, you may proceed to filling out the contact form for your inquiry on whatever. Have a nice day and cheers!

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