This credits page was created to acknowledge the few resources that I’ve used to make this blog the way it looks, feels, and to be fully functional without any errors, not only did I use some resources, I was completely inspired by quite a few other book bloggers and web developer to create a few things for this blog. In other words, thank you for allowing me to use those resources for this blog. Without your resources and inspiration this blog would surely cease to exist so thank you.


I’ve been blogging for almost two decades straight now and have transformed into a newbie book blogger that has used quite the number of resources that’s been created for me to download and use freely on this blog as long as it was labeled commercial free or I happened to get into contact with the owner of whatever resources I had used to get their permission and the rest is history. This credits page is an acknowledgement and hats off to you content creators out there that continues to create these things for those of us who may not know how to or have the means to create what you can just yet. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that each of you have done for the blogging and book blogging communities.

I will never ever receive any commission from a visitor of this book blog when they happened to click on some link by pure accident. The only time I will ever make any commission is when and if an author has sent me a free book and I agreed to their rule of thumb that I need to leave a review on my blog, amazon, and also goodreads. When I go to leave a book review for the free books that I will often times receive (the vast majority of the time I am purchasing these books ) will be clearly labeled  that will have my God’s honest truthful opinion about the book I had just read. If you want to have a better understanding of my newly updated book review rating system, it will allow you to have a glimpse into what kind of book blogger I really am and if you want to take a chance with me on anything. Header Logo : After stumbling upon a highly talented web developer’s portfolio while looking for something very specific, I had taken it upon myself to check out her site. I came upon this one header logo image and was so heavily inspired by it, I got into contact with the header logo’s designer and also the client who currently owns that header logo that’s inspired me like you wouldn’t believe to create the one that is on display right now. I’ve asked them both for their permission if it was okay to use as a friendly inspirational source and they both gave me their permission and also a lasting friendship had came out of that deal too. Amber from is the client of Kat – who graciously gave me her permission to use anything I see fit on her blog that will inspire me to get creating whatever it would be at the time. : Ever since I’ve made the accidental discovery of this beloved icon site that has some seriously talented graphic designer that’s allowing anyone the freedom to download and use their icon creations for whatever reasons. I have been a visitor for so long that I finally became a premium paid membership that I can cancel at any given time. Flaticon’s graphic artists or content creators are super talented and highly respected towards me as they use flaticon as a hub to house their icons and images with. This is the only way I know how to lessen the amount of urls in this one page.

Privacy Policy : I was talking to Ashley Gibson, the best WordPress theme and plugin web developer and awesome friend had seen that the privacy policy I had originally was not the right privacy policy to use for my blog and therefore gave me permission to use her‘s privacy policy to pick and choose from what I wanted to include in my blog’s own Privacy Policy. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart that you selflessly gave me permission to use your own Privacy Policy and for making that discovery with that old privacy policy that wasn’t even meant for this blog at all.

TweakMe V2. Theme : I’m not gonna lie, I have for some time now secretly wanted to purchase this amazing theme that Ashley Gibson, who is the creator of the amazing blog and website. I was against the idea of buying this theme at first because I was stubborn to try and reinvent the wheel only to realize that all of this time, I had been learning WordPress and how to code themes properly that I had this epiphany that if I just purchased her theme it would help me get back into book blogging again and it did. Thank you Ashley for being such a talented and wonderful wordpress web developer, content creator, and friend of mine.

WordPress Plugins : Ever since I had started using WordPress in 2003, I have been known to use several if not a lot of plugins without having any understanding as to what it even though I had some gist of what they were doing for my blog. Nowadays, I try to use less plugins because of the performance that to many plugins will make your site load. The few plugins that I heavily rely on and am happy to share and give credit to those who are the developers of these plugins – Thank you – I have not only purchased Ashley Gibson’s TweakMe theme v2, I later decided to do the unthinkable and purchase her Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin that helps me to manage my book reviews and also relieving some rather unnecessary stress from my body. I also use the Editorial Calendar for posting, and Book Database for backend analytics and my archive and last but certainly not least Akismet Plugin this plugin allows me to discard any abusive spam comments into the trash without my having to see it, and it protects my entire blog from hackers, and those dread

Post Thumbnail Images : Despite the fact that I am a web designer as well, I sometimes need help to get going in the right direction especially if I had fallen astray from that path. This path was a much needed path and purchase to have made ever in my life. I had met my friend who is also a web developer that is highly gifted in the field that she’s chosen to become a part of. I enlisted her help to create these beautiful post thumbnail images as for some reason I had trouble creating them and always ended up failing every time I did try. Sometimes you just need some help in a field you’re familiar with as you’ve created some pretty amazing things yourself. But, Olivia and I collaborated on this project which there’s nothing wrong asking or enlisting other content creator for help if you’re stuck in a major rut of some sort. I am very pleased with Olivia’s talents and had even gave me a bonus to become a little motivated to try and create again and I successfully managed to do so because of Olivia Grace’s help with creating these post thumbnail images that I had a hard time with.

All GIF‘s, images, quotes, were found through several different resources such as ,’s Stock Images , and any icons that were downloaded and used from and any thing that I find to be interesting and received it from some site somewhere are not my personal property and would never make such a ridiculous claim that just because I downloaded them and used them in my site or my themes that I deemed myself to be the property owner of those images or icons those resources are completely the sole property of the copyright holders. I would never make such a claim that I created these and became the owner of them as I simply do NOT own any resources that I had discovered and decided to use in my theme or site as those resources will always belong to the original creator of said resource and that is NOT me.

Receiving Meat Loaf’s Permission via Facebook chat : Not many people even know this about me, but I took it upon myself to contact my favorite singer that just recently passed away quite some time ago asking him if I may have his permission to use any images off the Internet that I am able to find and use on my website and explained to him that the reason why I’m asking this is because of one person who thinks I am this content thief and never once made any such claims of that I created those images and they’re mine. Meat Loaf wrote back to me almost instantly and gave me his permission to use or pull or find any images of him I can off the Internet and use them freely. By him giving me his permission to use any of his images that I wanted really made my day. And that’s why I am crediting him in this credit’s page.

Any images, gifs, or other creative content that maybe included in any of my book blog’s post had either came from my self, ,  (this is only a last resort for filler content if for whatever reason I can’t get what I wanted to say to come out properly), , and or from other websites that may offer free commercial use with the download of their images.

If I had used a resource of your’s in some way and failed to add your site and acknowledgement to the credit’s page in any way, please email me nicely and let me know that I had goofed by not adding their url into the credits page. If I am asked very nicely, I will get right on the job and add your site to this credits page ASAP! Please know, I am usually not that forgetful and will automatically include it into this page, but there are times when I just simply will forget. But don’t fret, I will fix it once I am made aware of this situation.