Giving Credit Where It Is Due!

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Theme Design Inspiration : The theme design inspiration for the header logo, post signature, and post divider all came from both Amber ( and Kat ( of whom gave me their permissions to use anything from their sites as a source of inspiration to help me get my site up and running as long as I credited them.

My Truth : The Rape Of Two Corey’s Documentary Review : I’ve written this review for Corey Feldman’s documentary entitled “My Truth : The Rape Of Two Corey’s after I had unknowingly streamed an illegal version for free on a once trusted website that’s not only stolen a documentary and its profits from Corey, but they’ve also stolen not only his voice and truth, but also have stolen many survivors and current victims of Child Sexual Abuse (or CSA)’s voices and truths time after time by stealing material and streaming it for free on their websites that isn’t theirs. This review was simply written after a request had been made by Corey Feldman via Twitter that will make up for the wrong that I had made. This review is also my own way of hoping to encourage survivors and current victims of Child Sexual Abuse or CSA to still use their voices and truths and not be afraid while doing so.