This credits page was created to acknowledge the few resources that I’ve used to make this blog the way it looks, feels, and to be fully functional without any errors, not only did I use some resources, I was completely inspired by quite a few other book bloggers and web developer to create a few things for this blog. In other words, thank you for allowing me to use those resources for this blog. Without your resources and inspiration this blog would surely cease to exist so thank you.


I’ve been blogging for almost two decades straight now and have transformed into a newbie book blogger that has used quite the number of resources that’s been created for me to download and use freely on this blog as long as it was labeled commercial free or I happened to get into contact with the owner of whatever resources I had used to get their permission and the rest is history. This credits page is an acknowledgement and hats off to you content creators out there that continues to create these things for those of us who may not know how to or have the means to create what you can just yet. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that each of you have done for the blogging and book blogging communities.

I will never ever receive any commission from a visitor of this book blog when they happened to click on some link by pure accident. The only time I will ever make any commission is when and if an author has sent me a free book and I agreed to their rule of thumb that I need to leave a review on my blog, amazon, and also Goodreads. When I go to leave a book review for the free books that I will often times receive (the vast majority of the time I am purchasing these books ) will be clearly labeled  that will have my God’s honest truthful opinion about the book I had just read. If you want to have a better understanding of my newly updated book review rating system, it will allow you to have a glimpse into what kind of book blogger I really am and if you want to take a chance with me on anything.

Jscribbles’ Header Logo : After discovering Kat’s book blog and portfolio when I was digging around google’s search engine for some inspiration ideas for WordPress themes to hopefully be inspired and motivated enough to get my book blog back online and released to the public. If I hadn’t browsed the search engine that day, I never ever would’ve stumbled upon Kat’s portfolio site (which is currently on hiatus) and on top of all that I never would’ve thought nor have dreamed that she is one of the nicest bloggers and developers out there besides a few others that I admire. After doing some looking around on her portfolio one day, I took it upon myself to get into contact with her and ask if she would be okay with my using one of her client’s named Amber’s theme as a source for inspiration that’ll help me be motivated enough to design something similar using flat icons from several resources and she was more than happy to give me her permission to use anything on her site as a source of inspiration to help motivate you and inspire your own design that you can be proud of. Do you know what all she wanted in return? The only thing she wanted for giving me her permission to use anything on her site for a source of inspiration is to be nothing but credited and told when my book blog is finally up.

Charli – : For helping me to create a unique name for the movie reviews archive page which she had created “The Cinema Report.”

Amber – : After receiving Kat’s permission to use anything on her sites as a source of inspiration for my own design and book blog, I’ve managed to contact Amber after browsing her book blog for a bit and was so in awe of how she designed it that I at first left her a comment on her blog post as there wasn’t a contact page, and then I found her on one of her social media accounts and messaged her and explained everything. Not only did I receive Kat’s permission to use anything on her sites for a source of inspiration for my book blog but I also received Amber’s permission to use anything on her book blog as a source of inspiration to help me be motivated enough to design my theme and etc. and all she wanted from me was to credit her as well as keep in touch with her. And I’ve done exactly that. Thank you Kat and Amber for giving me your guy’s permission as it helped me out like you wouldn’t believe. : After receiving Kat and Amber’s permission to use anything on their blog’s for a source of inspiration for my own theme and blog, I’ve took it upon myself to subscribe to’s monthly payment plan of $12.99 which allows you to download a certain number of packs and individual flaticons until you’ve hit the maximum which will then block you from downloading anything for about a day if not less. This site is a godsend as I’m just barely learning how to create icons like these flaticons myself but I haven’t mastered it just yet not like Kat has that is. Every flat icon you can find throughout has been purchased and downloaded from . The following are a list of flat icons artist’s that I’ve downloaded from and used their flat icons : kerismaker , Freepik , Payungkead

Privacy Policy : I was talking to Ashley Gibson, the best WordPress theme and plugin web developer and awesome friend had seen that the privacy policy I had originally was not the right privacy policy to use for my blog and therefore gave me permission to use her‘s privacy policy to pick and choose from what I wanted to include in my blog’s own Privacy Policy. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart that you selflessly gave me permission to use your own Privacy Policy and for making that discovery with that old privacy policy that wasn’t even meant for this blog at all.

TweakMe V2. Theme : I’m not gonna lie, I have for some time now secretly wanted to purchase this amazing theme that Ashley Gibson, who is the creator of the amazing blog and website. I was against the idea of buying this theme at first because I was stubborn to try and reinvent the wheel only to realize that all of this time, I had been learning WordPress and how to code themes properly that I had this epiphany that if I just purchased her theme it would help me get back into book blogging again and it did. Thank you Ashley for being such a talented and wonderful wordpress web developer, content creator, and friend of mine.

WordPress Plugins : Ever since I had started using WordPress in 2003, I have been known to use several if not a lot of plugins without having any understanding as to what it even though I had some gist of what they were doing for my blog. Nowadays, I try to use less plugins because of the performance that to many plugins will make your site load. The few plugins that I heavily rely on and am happy to share and give credit to those who are the developers of these plugins – Thank you – I have not only purchased Ashley Gibson’s TweakMe theme v2, I later decided to do the unthinkable and purchase her Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin that helps me to manage my book reviews and also relieving some rather unnecessary stress from my body. I also use the Editorial Calendar for posting, and Book Database for backend analytics and my archive and last but certainly not least Akismet Plugin this plugin allows me to discard any abusive spam comments into the trash without my having to see it, and it protects my entire blog from hackers, and those dread

Post Thumbnail Images/Featured Images : I’ve often felt that the usage of featured images was a bit distracting to the reader of my blog, however, I have learned over time that it actually makes them more attracted to your blog post. I’ve been trying to create the perfect featured images for this book blog and each time I had failed miserably. It wasn’t until I had stumbled upon and found a few images of people that are actually what I was needing to create my own featured images instead of having to commission someone or to be envious of Kat and Amber’s featured images. However, after I have downloaded the images, I have for some reason forgot to copy the artist of those images’s links so I can credit where it is due. Please note, that while at this time I’m unable to credit the artist’s for those png files that are used in my featured images, I have contacted about this issue to see what can be done to help me credit those amazing digital artists. Other than that boo-boo, I can’t believe I’ve finally created my very own featured images for this book blog. Oh yeah, I’d like to do an honorable mention to a cool web designer who was commissioned by me to create 5 featured images for this book blog awhile back and that’s Olivia Grace a web designer that I’ve some how came across on

Spoiler Alert Banner : I normally wouldn’t make such a big fuss over adding spoilers as I intend to avoid them at all costs as I don’t want to be the one that gives something important away. My book reviews will always be spoiler free unless for some odd reason that I can’t escape the dreadful truth that I have to include a spoiler or two, I have created an badge or image if you will using the tone of “I’ve Fought The Law, And The Law One” , and used two different icons from two different sites the musical notes are from and the girl with the warning sign icon is from : .

Any images, gifs, or other creative content that maybe included in any of my book blog’s post had either came from my self, ,  (this is only a last resort for filler content if for whatever reason I can’t get what I wanted to say to come out properly), , and or from other websites that may offer free commercial use with the download of their images.

Missed Resources : If I had used a resource of your’s in some way and failed to add your site and acknowledgement to the credit’s page in any way, please email me nicely and let me know that I had goofed by not adding their url into the credits page. If I am asked very nicely, I will get right on the job and add your site to this credits page ASAP! Please know, I am usually not that forgetful and will automatically include it into this page, but there are times when I just simply will forget. But don’t fret, I will fix it once I am made aware of this situation.