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Gone, But Not Forgotten. Just Went MIA

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And I’m BACK!

Before I begin my welcome back blog post, I’ve just wanted to confess something that’s been on my mind for awhile now. I have been part of the book blogging community way back when in the year 2014, but felt that I didn’t really know what I was doing or how to make my micro reviews more powerful. But before I had made that transition to a book blogger, I was once upon a time a personal blogger who didn’t have a exciting life that kept her on her toes. It was just the opposite in fact. Anyways, I’m happy to be back after what a two or three year long absence? Would any of you care to take a gander as to why I was gone for so long? If you don’t mind, I’ll just tell you.

Shhh, It’s A Secret!

I’ve been blogging off and on since the year 1998, and while I’ve had my fair share of bumps in the road like being bullied by some bloggers, and some other things that allowed me to re-examine my life as a blogger after I had stumbled upon the magical world of book blogging in 2013 or 2014. If I had been a blogger since the year 1998, I honestly feel that I would’ve been better off than I was. But if I had been a book blogger as a teenager, I wouldn’t have gone through some trials and tribulations that allowed me to discover the world of book blogging. Despite the fact that I was bullied by other bloggers actually allowed me to grow as a blogger and as a person Who closed those past doors on the as it has definitely closed quite a few doors and at the same time opened a few new doors to a wide range of opportunities which included me becoming a book blogger after winning my very first book giveaway in the year 2014. That book I’ve won is titled Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley. When I’ve decided to make the transition into becoming a book blogger, believe it or not I was actually going to a community college called Mt. San Jacinto Community College to obtain an associates degree in Computer Information Systems With An Emphasis Study On Web Development.

I never thought I would honestly be back!

After about two years of reading WordPress tutorials and having gained that book blogging imposter syndrome, and having produced not a single theme that was similar to the one I have now, I never once thought about purchasing the ’s Tweakme V2. theme as I’ve always had this attitude that if you use a premade theme, especially one that was purchased, you’re cheating yourself out of learning how to properly code a theme. Over time and after purchasing this theme, I’ve realized that what I had thought was totally rubbish and not true! While I may not have coded my own theme that would’ve been some what like the theme you’re seeing now. Even though you are a certified web developer or higher, sometimes you just need the extra help to help motivate you further to get things done quicker. And this theme did exactly that. I’ve also had helped from another blogger that I’ve been inspired to write my book reviews in such a way that I have to credit them and have in the credits page. When I’ve first started book blogging back in 2014, I hadn’t a clue what I was doing and was writing a paragraph of book reviews and felt they resembled amazon and/or goodreads microreviews and weren’t exciting enough. Anyways, it definitely feels good to be finally back and I hope you like what I post.

What Can We Expect On This Newly Improved Blog?

I seriously didn’t want to add the comments back because of that one blogger putting me through hell and back. However, I need interactions with my readers or else how will I know if I’m doing something wrong or something doesn’t work? I also wanted to mention that there will be on occasion a creative works of mine that will be sharing this book blog as well which is why I have the various things category. This book blog also has book reviews that not every book review will be getting a 5 coffee cup rating unlike I had gave them out left and right last time. I also will have several bookish discussions and maybe even some giveaways to boot. I am so happy to be back that I can’t wait to start interacting with you all and I nearly forgot that I do have a monthly newsletter that will help you to be kept up to date and such so you don’t miss out on anything important. If you don’t mind, could you may be head on down to the end of the sidebar there and add a valid email address? Thank you.

Depression Bites The Dust

Another reason as to why I hadn’t come back sooner than later, and that’s because I had to do an emergecy euthanisa on my 20 year old tortoise shell cat named Misty. I had actually collected books isnce her passing on June 3, 2021. I swear if I ever am on Hoarders for having one to many books, they might title it as “The Couple Who Has One Too Many Books.” haha, Now, I would be worried 100% if Stephen King got ahold of that and directed it. Speaking of books, I’m a fan of a lot of genres and sub genres but my favorites of all time are Action, Children’s books, Coming Of Age Stories, Dystopian, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Science (think Carl Sagan), and last but certainly not lease a select few books from the Romance genre. Most of my book reviews will be used with the Ultimate Book Plugin as I have heard it makes your life as a book blogger so much easier than without it. I will also be posting some non bookish things about my life besides a whole lot of things that are bookish related.

But what does all of this have to do with you guys?

Every single topic discussion will have a date and time to post these topics which I will at times have a blog post topic about a book that had recently been turned into a movie and will ask your thoughts and such. On occasion, I will also be holding a giveaway from such and such author. Honestly, I can’t have this book blog without you guys being there and enjoying what I write. Oh yeah, before I forget if you ever need to reach me about anything in particular, please go to the contact page and head to the bottom to fill out the contact form in full and you’ll be answered in the order it was received. Please note, I don’t do well with bullies and will never answer your email if I detect any signs of you trying to bully me to get you something that you’re wanting me to do. I will not do anyone who bullies others a single thing as they don’t deserve it. Anyways, it pays to be nice doesn’t it? Nice guys may come in last, but better late than never right? Thank you for allowing me to come back with a new and improved frame of mind about book reviewing.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I release you from this book blog, I have created a newsletter which is located on the right hand side of your screen sidebar aCHEERS!

Keep On Dreaming

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