Ten Till Three

I actually have to credit my good friend Jessica Mezo for helping me to come up with an interview name that seems to catch people’s attention and one that everyone seems to like. Thank you, Jessica for helping me with this part of the process. How did Jessica come up with the name Ten Till Three? It’s simple, she asked me how many questions does this interview have, and I said it has ten questions. She then asked me when do I plan on posting the interviews and I told her every third Wednesday of every month. She did some thinking for a few and finally wrote me back with what do you think of this name “Ten Till Three?” The rest as they is history. I don’t think this interview series would’ve had a name for it even today if it hadn’t been for Jessica helping me out. I owe her big time!

Ten Till Three is an interview series that allows me to ask all the authors out there that are willing to participate in this interview series. This interview isn’t like your normal run of the mill interview series, this interview series is a little different than what one would think an interview series would be or have actually read. Ten Till Three allows me to pick the author’s brain for a few minutes and find out what things related to their career as an author and at the same time, we will get to see that author’s funny side that we normally wouldn’t get to see unless you know the author personally that is. The way that Ten Till Three is set up is a bit tricky and kind of confusing at first, until of course you’ve seen the email. The author’s will receive an email that has 30 questions in total. The first two sets of questions have 10 questions each. Nothing more, nothing less. The author being interviewed has the toughest decision as to whether or not if they want to answer all 30 questions, or pick and choose any 10 questions from each of the first two sections. Once that is done and over with, the nonsensical funny and completely random questions comes into play. This set of 10 questions will allow us, the fans of the author, to see a side of them that we don’t normally get to see (as I’ve stated above.). Here’s an example of the nonsensical funny, yet random quesitons

Example Random/Funny Questions :

    You’re out for a walk one day, you’ve spotted a crying octupus and decide to approach as octupuses can’t be that bad if they’re on land right? You ask the octopus why is he crying. He tells you that he wasn’t invited to a birthday party because of him being different than the other sea animals and he was really looking forward into going because he’s never attended a birthday party before in his life. What do you do and why?
    Would you rather bathe in split pea soup or in chocolate for the rest of your life?
    You’ve been kidnapped by strangers, but you’ve managed to convince them to let you go online to tell your friends and family members you’re safe. What would be the one thing that you’d say in code that your friends and family members would know something is wrong? For example my friends would know if I said I never really liked Meat Loaf.

The soul purpose of creating this interview series Ten Till Three is a way that I feel that’s giving back to all those authors out there that have entertained not only myself but millions of other individuals. I also wanted to create an interview series that the author could just be themselves and have fun at the same time. The way that the author is chosen on the third Wednesday of every month is by entering all the author’s names that have sent me the interview questions back into a random name generator that was coded by my boyfriend Tristan which will eventually have a slot machine animation that will be recorded by me on every third wednesday. I want to record this event to let authors know that I’m not rigging this interview series and picking my favorites first. That’s not fair. To be fair, I’ll be using that generator to help me pick whatever author’s name it lands on for that month. Once the interview for that author has been published for that month, I will then notify that author and let them know their interview has been published and is live for everyone to see.

Ten Till Three List Of Author Participants :

Ten Till Three : Brian Smith (11/20/2021)

Ten Till Three : Tony Tremblay (10/31/2021)

Ten Till Three : Ross Jeffery (10/31/2021)

Ten Till Three : Tracy A. Ball (10/20/2021)

Ten Till Three : Shawn Burgess (08/18/2021)

Ten Till Three : Andre Sanders (08/02/2021) – Special Edition