This poem was one of three poetry submissions that I gave to MSJC’s Magazine and the instructor of this project chose this poem titled Family. This was probably my first and last effort to have anything be published in a book. And yes, I still have those two copies of the books that each student who was chosen and accepted actually received.

Jamie M. Jones

Time seems to go by fast
Months, days, and years seems to have passed.
The love for one another should not be broken.
Family love is a keepsake, and a token.

Things have been done and said,
but our love for one another was never dead.
There were times we were mean to each other,
But as family we’ve always loved one another.

Tears of sorrow were often shed,
due to things that were often misread.
As I grew up, I always wanted you to know,
My love for all of you will always grow.