Jamie Jones

I walked into the darkness of not knowing or feeling anything.
Life and thoughts are suppressed by the emotions of fear.
Death is all around me,
forbidding me to draw near.

I am stuck, I can’t move.
I am torn, I am belittled.
Save me from my darkness of sin.
I can’t breathe,
Footsteps are lessening.
My breaths are lighter.

I see the light,
I am almost there.
The light is so bright I shade my eyes with my hands.

I see a crowd — I am not alone.
I stand tall, and proud.

I can do this,
just one more step.
I am there.

Relief, shortness of breath,
wastes away into nothingness.
The pain and anguish is over.
I did it — I am out of the darkness of my sins.

I won’t turn back,
I refuse to go back.
My journey has yet to end.
My journey has only started.

Breathe – everything is okay.
Relax – Breathe everything in.
Rest – My soul is no longer tormented.