Milk And Cookies

I should make mention that this poem was meant for only fun and not to be taken serious. This poem was also a parody of my favorite poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Did you catch the same tone and rhyming scheme?

Milk And Cookies
12- 11 – 2013
written by : Jamie Jones

Once upon a Christmas Eve night
Suddenly I raced to turned on all the lights.
While I pondered about the presents in the shed,
suddenly a loud noise thumped above my head.
“Who’s that?” I cried “It must be that lard ass in a neck tie and nothing more!”

Every month until December,
people cannot remember,
remember to buy Christmas gifts galore.

Eagerly I raced to my chimney,
Just to see what that lard ass in a necktie came to give me.
As I stood there in a shock, filled with horror,
I saw that lard ass in a necktie lying on the floor.

Presently my eyes grew wider, hesitating than no longer,
I stood there while shouting: “Holy Crap, You do exist!”