My Love (Dedicated to Tristan)

My Love (Dedicated to Tristan)
April 25th 2014 (I wrote this before it struck midnight)
Jamie Jones
My love I watched you from afar,
your smile so bright it filled the room.
My little fantasy of you keeps me pondering.
My knees grow week, and
my heart skips a beat.

Every moment I am with you,
bad things seem to disappear.
You’re my light, my love.
Something about you is pure wondrous.
You’ve got me smiling like a fool.
I hope I can return the same feeling.

My love — I owe you a lot,
my heart, my soul, and my dignity.
You’re always there for me, whenever that maybe.
Never a day goes by when I don’t think of you.

Our destination in the future is still unknown,
but in our hearts we will continue to grow.
My love today is gone, tomorrow may come,
the future never promised. My love — I know it’s true,

I will remain true to you.