The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Day The Earth Stood Still
March 30th, 2016
Jamie Jones

A long long time ago,
The dinosaurs once roamed this land.
And they were happy for awhile.
Then one day an asteroid struck the Earth,
and cleared a pathway for new things to arise.
Only small critters survived the blast,
and began mating to the creatures we have now.
Do you have faith in God above?
Did you know the Pope believes in Evolution?
Years have since past,
and we all had a blast.
In biology where we learned about these things.
Well, I know you’re a Scientist
because I saw you getting the gist
when you wore your lab coat to the college.
Then you told me a horrible story,
when I was a young adult and full of glory.
But I knew this story to be true.
and became saddened with the news,
The day the Earth stood still.
I started singing:

My oh my, what a horrible story,
The Scientists and Creationists arguing
while everyone else just sat and stared.
The day the Earth stood still.