To Dream

To Dream
Jamie Jones

And the crows flapping their wings
talons clutching the dirt, the ground, and my skin.
I am alone, screaming and sobbing.

Where do they all come from?
Why are they attacking?

My skin is bleeding, pouring
red drops onto the Earth’s ground.
I can’t breathe, I can’t scream,
I can’t move!

Flapping and cawing the sounds
drive me mad!
Why am I here? What do they want?
Feathers fall from them and onto the ground.

Talons digging deep
red, red blood dropping
wings flapping
I fear for my life.
I open my mouth to scream,
Nothing comes out but the flapping and the cawing.

I finally wake up.
Sweat pours down my face.
It was a dream! Until I see a crow on my windowsill.
I finally scream!