Too Many, Too Soon

This poem is dedicated to all those talented souls that have passed onto the other side, recently. May they rest in paradise.

Too Many, Too Soon
January 18th, 2016
Jamie Jones

So many talented souls seem to pass away,
all within each day.
Even though it may hurt their fans, friends, and family,
just know that their entertainment will never leave our society.

Up in Heaven, these new angels reside,
Do not worry, your loved will be by your side.
Rockin’ and Rollin’ until Kingdom Come,
will be for all, but not for some.
We’ve lost so many within such a short period of time,
I hope the numbers do not continue to climb.

Grim Reaper, please take a break.
You’re giving all the fans a heart-ache.
Too many, Too soon,
has left their Earth to be with the moon.