Commenting Policy

I’ve been blogging since the year 1998 off and on for two decades and have seen my fair share of being bullied and harassed and everything else you can possibly think of, and yes I am 100% innocent and didn’t steal a thing much less bully an autistic blogger it was the other way around. Because of her not backing down and harassing me every chance she got, and had her friends chime in, I had to disable my comments on my previous blogs for the longest time as I just couldn’t deal with the emotional stress that came with the bullying and the harassing. I have decided to give comments another try on this book blog in hopes that we all can just put our differences aside, agree to disagree on certain posts, and what not. If you can agree to the following few measely rules than I’ll be able to breath a sigh of fresh air knowing we are all mature enough to do so. If not, I will be forced to ban those who broke any of these rules, and also bullied any of my readers or me and I don’t condone to bullying of any kind. Before we start with the rules, I have to credit my friend Charli for the inspiration of this comment policy. Without her own comment policy, I probably wouldn’t have been inspired to create this one. Thank you, Charli!


Let’s face it, times are tough as it is and we certainly don’t need to have another jerk in our midst’s right? I know I sure as heck don’t need it and if I don’t need it than neither do any of my readers. I do not tolerate any kind of bullying or anything related to that so, please just be mature about whatever it is that ails you and don’t be a jerk, please?


This is probably the most obnoxious anyone could possibly due to either myself or to any of my reader’s. It’s not cool nor is it funny at all. So, why do it? If someone reported you for spamming them on this book blog, you’ll be banned and blocked quicker than you can say blathering blatherskite!


I know what it is like to just be starting out as a blogger or an author, and I don’t mind at all if you’re wanting to promote a new book blog or even a new book in hopes people will see it. That’s totally okay with me. Just don’t let me find your book blog doesn’t exist and waste my time on a site that is asking for money or you’re asking for money on this site. It’s rude and uncool. So, please just don’t do it. You can say things like “Hey, I have a brand new book blog and was wondering if you could take a look at it for me?” or “I have a brand new book coming out and was wondering if you’d be interested in it?” Those are fine to ask, but to ask anything else that makes me or my readers uncomfortable, you’ll get banned so fast you wouldn’t even know what hit you.


Let’s face it, we all have someone that we idolize and hope and pray for them to take notice of our blog’s and comment on either a book review you’ve done for an author, or created something for an artist (this includes celebrities because they’re artists as well if you think about it.) and the like and we’d do anything to make them take notice of us. Right? Well, all I ask is to please do not be an immature troglodyte and impersonate an author or an artist of any kind on my book blog and think you can get away with trying to scam someone that didn’t know you weren’t the real deals. Scamming and impersonating artists and authors is extremely disrespectful and not to mention rather rude to do such a low and pathetic thing such as this. It isn’t funny to the person being scammed but to you it might be funny as you’re bored and doing it to brighten your self esteem up. Just please don’t act like a jerk and do this to me or to anyone. If I find out you’ve done anything like this at all to any one of my readers or even to myself, I will be forced to take the necessary precautions and block you faster than you can Blathering Blatherskite and remove the comments from this book blog because you violated our agreement regarding these rules.


Look, I know that sometimes people clash big time with others that some of us don’t clash with. It just happens, and it isn’t any one person’s fault. If this should happen, and drama is started on this book blog, I will disable the comments and never bring them back. I just want to be able to have a book blog that is drama free and bully free and try to stay stress free. I know it doesn’t always work, but if we all tried and know that not everyone is going to agree with you and we all can agree to disagree, and be smart and mature about this, we would have a fun time and a drama free blog. I don’t care if you disagree with on certain reviews, as I know my reviews differ from your thoughts and what not. But we don’t need to end up in a war and lose our friendship over something stupid. Right? Besides, when people fight no one ever wins and it just makes us mad and stressed the heck out. Let’s all make a pact, let’s all try to get along on this blog and not ruin the fun times since life as we know is in a downward spiral heading into complete chaos and we don’t live long either. Why waste our last breaths hating on someone when we can spend it on being happy. I know I sound like a Miss Universe Pagent contestant and I apologize. However, if I find out that bullying has occured between you and another reader on this blog, I will block you both, disable the comments and never bring them back…quoth the raven nevermore. Ya dig?

I hope that this blog can be a fun and peaceful blog that allows us to share each other’s thoughts, and what have you without having to worry if any of us will be offended and start a fight over it. I hope that we can all agree and abide by these 5 measely rules and be mature and smart adults and be better than those that have bullied us in the past. Yes? Great!!! I hope so.