Commenting Policy ‘s book blog is a place where its readers can go and interact with other readers and also interact with the owner herself, Jamie. We are all different and unique in some way or another and may or may not have something in common with each other. However, the readers that are here most definitely shares a love for books (myself included) and are excited to share and discuss our opinions and/or thoughts via the comment sections of the book related blog posts in hopes of engaging in an exciting conversation with other like minded readers. What we are not excited about when sharing our opinions and/or thoughts is having that fear that another reader or readers may not agree with one or more of our opinions and/or thoughts and will eventually become disrespectful towards those readers and/or myself. I want this book blog to be a place that allows like minded individuals to have somewhere to discuss their opinions and/or thoughts freely without wondering whether or not if their comment will be disrespected by someone who decided to become a bully and harass that reader or other readers or myself. Bullying, being disrespectful, and/or harassing myself and my readers in the comments section or anywhere for that matter is strictly and 100% prohibited on this book blog as I don’t take bullying,being disrespectful, or harassment of any kind lightly as it simply destroys and upsets the peace, the fun, and causes tensions between my readers and myself. All we are all trying to do is escape reality for a bit and discuss something we all love or have in common. Why must one reader or visitor would even feel the need to destroy our happiness, our fun, and our peace all because of some comment made by one of my readers that the bully and/or harasser and destroyer of a good time by having to disagree with them and do the unthinkable? If you’re not here to have fun discussing the love of books, or want peace, or even happiness, why do you have to be here at all to ruin what we love to discuss? You’ve clearly shown me and my readers that you don’t want anyone to have fun, to have peace, and to be happy because you’re none of those things and made the decision to bully my readers and myself. If I’m ever notified of your growing behavior by my readers, you will be barred from this book blog and any of the future discussions relating to books. If you continue to come back even after being banned and continue to bully, be disrespectful, and/or harass any one of my readers or myself after asking you to leave the first time, you have left me with no choice but to temporarily shut down the comments for a certain amount of time. By having to shut down the comments isn’t fair to those who enjoyed engaging in bookish discussions but will be less fearful of having being bullied and/or harassed from the likes of you. Here’s a thought : If you’re having a bad day and are frustrated at the world, don’t take it out on innocent people. They don’t deserve that behavior. Also, while we’re at it, haven’t you ever been taught this line : Do unto others as you’d have done unto you? Just don’t bully people. Kapeesh?