Rating System

I have written out an outline of my new and improved book review rating system. I have been away for about two years now, and I feel that it was time to do a much needed upgrade for this rating system. I’ve decided to break down my rating system so that both new and old visitors alike will have a better understanding and maybe an appreciation for those book reviews that I’ve taken time and effort into writing for those authors books I had read and needed to review. Listed below is a pretty straight forward and to the point of how I go about my book review ratings.

Seeing as to how that I have been absent from book reviewing for two years, I’ve felt that since time seems to change constantly, maybe I should change with how I’ve been rating all of my book reviews. Before, I would not have a second thought to give the books I did read and reviewed a 5 coffee cup rating  (wait, did you say coffee cup rating? Yup, I’ve grown tired of seeing those same old boring star ratings that one day I’ve decided  to add a little flavor to it  by adding a coffee cup into my own ratings as I intend to drink coffee when I’m reading my books as I’m sure other bookaholics do as well. That’s how my coffee cup rating system had been born. I just wanted to be different and to stop following the herd if you will.)

Now that times have changed and so have my book reviewing ratings system, I just wanted to make note that before my two year hiatus had taken place, I was giving all of my book reviews a 5 coffee cup raitng without a single care nor after thought to it. However, I am changing that up by only giving those really amazing hold on to your hats we are in for a wild ride type of books that never let me rest until I had finished reading it books will only be getting the 5 coffee up rating as that rating is very rare and special that by switching it up a bit by giving an author a 4 or 3 coffee cup rating which btw, don’t be so down in the dumps if your book review didn’t receive a 5 coffee cup rating. Having a 4 or 3 coffee cup rating is still pretty fantastic to get and even beats getting a 2 or a 1 coffee cup rating or no rating at all right? Believe me, it may be new to you and me both, but I gotta spread the ratings wealth around.

The Coffee Cup Ratings Breakdown

: Blown myself right out of the water!

: Knocked both of my socks off!

: What a hell of a ride!

: Threw me in for a loop!

: What a way to go.