Rating System

I have written out an outline of my new and improved book review rating system. I have been away for about two years now, and I feel that it was time to do a much needed upgrade for this rating system. I’ve decided to break down my rating system so that both new and old visitors alike will have a better understanding and maybe even have an appreciation for those book reviews that I’ve taken time and effort into writing for those authors books I had read and needed to review. Listed below is a pretty straight forward and to the point of how I go about my book review ratings.

Seeing as to how that I have been absent from book reviewing for two years, I’ve felt that since time seems to change constantly, maybe I should change with how I’ve been rating all of my book reviews. Before, I would not have a second thought to give the books I did read and reviewed a 5 Cups Of Tea rating  (wait, did you say Cups Of Tea rating? Yup, I’ve grown tired of seeing those same old boring star ratings that one day I’ve decided  to add a little flavor to it  by adding a Cups Of Tea a chemical compound that  into my own ratings as I intend to get happy when I’m reading my books as I’m sure other bookaholics do as well. That’s how my Cups Of Tea rating system had been born. I just wanted to be different and to stop following the herd if you will.)

Now that times have changed and so have my book reviewing ratings system, I just wanted to make note that before my two year hiatus had taken place, I was giving all of my book reviews a 5 Cups Of Tea rating without a single care nor after thought to it. However, I am changing that up by only giving those really amazing hold on to your hats we are in for a wild ride type of books that never let me rest until I had finished reading it books will only be getting the 5 Cups Of Tea rating as that rating is very rare and special that by switching it up a bit by giving an author a 4 or 3 Cups Of Tea rating which btw, don’t be so down in the dumps if your book review didn’t receive a 5 Cups Of Tea rating. Having a 4 or 3 Cups Of Tea rating is still pretty fantastic to get and even beats getting a 2 or a 1 Cup(s) Of Tea rating or no rating at all right? Believe me, it may be new to you and me both, but I gotta spread the ratings wealth around.

Now, let’s get rated!!

The Cups Of Tea Ratings Breakdown :

Cups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating Image: Blown myself right out of the water!
Cups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating Image: Knocked both of my socks off!er!
Cups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating Image : What a hell of a ride!
Cups Of Tea Rating ImageCups Of Tea Rating Image: Threw me in for a loop!
Cups Of Tea Rating Image : What a way to go.

5 Cups Of Tea


I honestly have completely devoured this book in one sitting. It was that good that it held my interest (yes, I have ADD) until the very end of the book. I loved reading this book as it allowed me to get a better understanding of the characters and there wasn’t any grammar mistakes much less slow parts of any kind. It basically left me speechless that’s how good of a story this book really is. It’s honestly good enough to be used for a movie or even a tv series. It’s so good in fact that I would have no problems and would highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to be blown away by the story as this author definitely knows their grammar and tricks on how to keep the reader’s attention. Definitely made my top 10 favorite author’s list that’s for sure.

4 Cups Of Tea

Knocked Both My Socks Off!!!

This book is definitely worth the read despite some grammar mistakes and some slow parts of the story. Despite having some grammar mistakes and having some slow parts in the book, I would definitely have no problem recommending this to anyone as it is definitely a read at least once in your life.

3 Cups Of Tea

What A Hell Of A Ride!

Despite this book receiving a 3 coffee cup rating and normally it would mean that it is a bad sign of receiving a 3 coffee cup, but I’m not like most book bloggers. Receiving a 3 coffee cup rating just means that your book can use some improvement as it wasn’t just there and didn’t feel that you had all the kinks worked out of the story and it was some what of a chaotic read. Would I recommend this book? Most definitely. It’s at least the read one time in your life.

2 Cups Of Tea

Threw Me In For A Loop!

I mean, this book is most definitely not the worst book I have come across in my life, but it also doesn’t meet the requirements to be one of the best books. There’s mistakes everywhere, the kinks to the story doesn’t feel they were completely worked out, and furthermore, I had trouble keeping an interest and not wanting to finish it. Would I recommend this book to others? Yes, I would because everyone is different and like different things which tells me that just because I didn’t like doesn’t mean some other reader won’t like it.

1 Cup(s) Of Tea

What A Way To Go!!

This book had a lot of issues and was very distracting at times because of those issues. The storyline was a bit off and all over the place, it was hard to keep up with the amount of characters in the book as well. Would I recommend it to others to read? Why not? You live only once. I just feel this book wasn’t meant for someone like me.

0 Cup(s) Of Tea

Didn’t Finish Reading It!

Despite not finishing this book, some authors will go ahead and give me their permission to review an unfinished book. Just know that it would be extremely for me to review a half read book, but it does happen. Please know that I would never ever review a half finished book if it wasn’t requested of me to do so. I don’t think it is fair of me to review a half finished book when others have read it in full. Now, the question is, would I recommend a not finished book? Absolutely not. Then again, just because I didn’t finish it doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth, erm, I mean book blogger’s mouth (nice save, right?). I’m hoping that by breaking down this book blog’s rating system by explaining everything has helped you to have a better understanding of how I go about rating my book reviews nowadays, and you also have a semi better understanding of how my madness works as well. If there’s anything that you’re still unsure about like you’re not quite getting one of the rating system’s explanations or you just want to talk about something that’s bothering you, please head on over to the contact page and scroll down to the bottom of the page if you don’t want to read any of the nonsense that’s there before the contact form and fill it out with your questions or concerns and I will respond to you as soon as I possibly can.