Review Policy And Request Page

I’m finally back from a long 2 year stint of being on hiatus from blogging and also book blogging. I’m happy to announce that I am currently accepting book review requests for paperbacks or hardbacks only. The only catch as to why I am allowing this even to happen is that the amount of book review request applications are very limited until further notice. If you still feel that I would be great for reviewing your book and are dead set with having me review it, then you”ll need to head on over to the contact form listed below and fill everything out or it won’t send properly. In laments terms, my limited amount of book reviews are first come and a first served basis so act fast! Please note, that while I am accepting book review requests, it simply doesn’t mean a guarantee that I want to review your book but it sure gives you quite a start in the process. Who knows, maybe I will actually accept your book review request depending on the book that is.

If you have yet to browse through my book review archive page, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you directly to the book review archive that was set up using the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin.